Yuhan Jiang

I am a fourth-year undergraduate in the math department at UC Berkeley.

Email: michelle.jiang@berkeley.edu

In summer 2019, I visited MPI Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig, Germany. I worked on a project there and here is the article. Then I worked at PROMYS, a number theory summer camp for high schoolers at Boston University. I will be applying to math-phd programs in the fall of 2019. In summer 2018, I worked on Discrete Geometry with Professor Florian Frick at SPUR.

From left to right, they are Alex Black, Hyeri Cho, back row Umur Cetin and front row Linus Setiabrata, back row Alex Pacun and front row me, Professor Frick, back row Thoms Baath Sjoblom and front row Alex Xue, and Yanbing Gu. We were holding some skeleton of polytopes and graphs made from pipe cleaners.

I TeXed some notes to serve the DSP Disabled Students' Program or to keep organized. If the notes are also helpful to you I will be happier :-) Miscellaneous posts include exercises of a combinatorial seminar and exercises of representation theory/lie algebra from a reading of these subjects with Professor Serganova. Notes and exercises are not revised and far from complete. Any suggestions and corrections are welcomed :-)

There are also notes for seminar/minicourse/troll for PROMYS. Many thanks to Mahsa Sayyary and all 2019 counselors who help me improve. Hope you would like to help correct my mistakes, too!

set theory S19 notes
algebraic curves S19 There is an exercise on counting # of monomials of some resultant in M2.
number theory F18 notes, far from complete.
algebraic combinatorics F18 notes, far from complete.
TACOS 19 coEx
repTh repEx
a seminar in Hopf algebra hopfAlg
a minicourse in tropical geometry tropG
an aborted troll which is basically spelling out... Cayley-Hamilton
Humphreys humphreys